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Hello, fans of Hacks University. Today we are giving you Free Steam Gift Cards generator program that we finished its development in the past month alongside the other generators. This tool is the achievement of hard work of more than 12 developers for the past 3 months. We’re releasing it exclusively for the Hacks University users & visitors. We hope you be rational & reasonable when you use it and don’t exploit its benefits.


Free Steam Gift Cards Generator Features:

  • You can generate up to $100 Steam Gift Cards. We’ve got 4 different packages to choose from: $10, $25, $50 & $100. No limit on how much cards you generate (Thoough there’s a daily limit).
  • Our Generator tool is Web based. No need to to install anything on your devices.
  • This is Version 1.3 with all the bugs fixed and additional security measures implemented. We update the generator very frequently due to Valve changing its security protocols for Steam very often.
  • The tool’s web page is user friendly. With a straight forward process on how to generate your gift card codes
  • No risk of getting detected. You can use our tool with 100% guarantee that your Steam account will be safe. Valve & Lord Gabe won’t notice a thing. Just be sure to not generate too many cards in the same time.


How to use our Free Steam Gift Cards Generator:

Like we said, the process of generating Gift Cards is actually very easy & straight forward. First, you got to head to our Free Steam Gift Cards Generator’s page. Then, choose what package you want to generate. We offer 4 different gift cards. $10 ones are the ones we have plenty of and the most secure. We recommend these. And we’ve got $25, $50 & $100 cards too. Second, our tool will generate a code for you immediately. If it asks for a Captcha or verification process, just do it and your code will be available to you right after. These Captchas are only for securing the process.

There’s no chance you’ll get a used code or not-working ones. Our codes are not stolen or purchased in the black market. They’ll never be revoked. Rather, we generate the codes on the place, using the same algorithm Valve uses to produce its own keys. How we got “that algorithm”? You might ask. It’s what we do.

While we don’t put a limit on a single user/device, we actually can only generate a limited number of Steam codes daily. So, if you please, try not to generate too many codes as there’s other people who are in need of free gift cards.

We’re planning on upgrading this service in the near future because of the upcoming Halloween, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. So stay tuned…



What you say about us:

I saw this website on Facebook, I clicked on link and then did what was on the screen… I got the code immediately. Damn! I felt like a Spam the first time I saw it. Wow! Amazing website. – Rosetta D. Griffin

Thank you for the iTunes gift card. can’t believe I got free coupon from this website. Spread the word, folks. – Barbara C. Graham

First, I didn’t believe that I will receive Apple 500$ worth gift card from you. But one day I get mail from you and I was really suprised. What to say, thank you! – Debra R. Lane



Enter to our Free Steam Gift Card Generator tool by clicking on the photo below…


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