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We’re, here at Hacks University, happy to finally release our Clash Royale Hack too to the public. Now, you can use for FREE for a limited time though. What are you waiting for? the tool is at the end of the article…Clash Royale Hack


Clash Royale Hack & Cheats

Use the Clash Royale hack for Android and iOS to get infinite gems and gold. You can also enable cheats like the “Always Full Elixir”, “Fast Elixir Regen Speed”, “No Cooldown when opening chests”, “Acquire 10 Crowns for Crown Chest at every end of battle” and “Disable Replay”.

Hacking Clash Royale for Android and iOS is as easy as counting one, two and three with the help of our Clash Royale Hack Tool. All you need to do is patch your game and get access to having unlimited Gems and Gold to purchase new cards in Shop or open more Treasure Chests and acquire Epic and Legendary cards like the Lightning, Goblin Barrel, Witch, Skeleton Army, Prince, X-Bow, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon, Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Mirror and more.

What can you do with our Clash Royale Hack:

First of all, you can also use the trainer and enable cheats, mods or exploits including the “Always Full Elixir”, “Fast Elixir Regen Speed”, “No Cooldown Chest Opening”, “Acquire 10 Crowns for Crown Chest for each Battle” and “Disable Replay”. For more information about these additional cheats, refer to the Clash Royale Trainer features.

In this guide, we will be teaching you how you can easily hack and cheat Clash Royale game so you can build your perfect deck filled with max leveled up cards with Epic and Legendary rarities. Increase your King Level and your rank by using your deck. King Level indicates the strength of your king and towers. To level it up, gain experience by upgrading cards and by donating cards to your clan mates.

Also, gold is used to upgrade and buy cards. Normally, you acquire gold through chests and by donating cards to your clan mates.

Furthermore, gems are used to buy gold or to speed up unlocking chests. It can also be used for purchasing Treasure Chests. cards in the chests depend on your Arena Level. Winning battles gets you Trophies. The more Trophies you have, the more Arena Level you can unlock. The higher the level of your Arena, the more cards will become available for your Battle Deck.

Arena Levels:

  1. Goblin Stadium
  2. Bone Pit
  3. Barbarian Bowl
  4. P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
  5. Spell Valley
  6. Builder’s Workshop
  7. Royal Arena
  8. Legendary Arena


Clash Royale Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Gems (Never run out of gems to open Treasure Chests and get Epic and Legendary Cards for Clash Royale.)
  • Unlimited Gold (Use the Gold to upgrade your cards.)
  • Always Full Elixir (Have unlimited Elixir during battles. This option will make your Elixir bar always at full.)
  • Fast Elixir Regen Speed (This speed hack option will set and multiply your regen speed depending on how fast you want. You can select 2x, 3x and 5x.)
  • No Cooldown Opening Chests (Enable this option to open chests without waiting. This will remove the cooldown or waiting time for the chests to be opened.)
  • Acquire 10 Crowns At End of Battle (Whether victory or defeat, you will be able to acquire 10 Crowns at every end of battle. Enabling this option with make you open the Crown Chest after every battle at your Arena.)
  • Disable Replay (Enable this option to disable replays of your battles so your opponent cannot watch replays of your fights.)
  • Works for all Android smart phones and tablets as well as iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (Clash Royale must be installed and supported on device.)
  • Finally, No “root” or “jailbreak” needed for your Clash Royale gaming device.


Hacking Instructions:

  • First, you will need to connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or similar iOS device (where Clash Royale is currently installed and contains existing game saved data) to your computer using USB.
  • Second, open or run the Clash Royale Trainer.
  • Third, from the top left side menu of the trainer, select your gaming platform (e.g. depending on your device select whether it runs on either Android or iOS) then click on the “Detect Device” button.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds/minutes for the trainer to completely detect your gaming device, and successfully validate the existing Clash Royale game installed on it along with its data and files.
  • Also, depending on your preference, adjust the values of Gems and Gold that you want. Optionally, you can enable extra mods like the “Always Full Elixir”, “Fast Elixir Regen Speed”, “No Cooldown Opening Chests”, “Acquire 10 Crowns At End of Battle”, and “Disable Replay”.
  • After finalizing the options, and the values of Gems and Gold that you wanted to add on your Clash Royale game, proceed next by clicking the “Start Hacking” button.
  • Then, wait for a few seconds (or minutes) for the trainer to completely finish patching and apply mods on your Clash Royale game data. You will be notified by a pop-up dialog message box, once the patching is complete. Remember not to disconnect your device while patching is in progress.
  • After patches and mods all successfully finished applying, you may now proceed to unplug or disconnect your game device.
  • Finally, open or run your Clash Royale app and see the added resources as well as the enabled cheats.
  • Have fun and enjoy!


Download the Clash Royale Hack Tool from here…

Clash Royale Hack Download


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Disclaimer: Hacks University’s Clash Royale Hack Tool is intended for educational purposes only. Use it on your own discretion.

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