Clash Royale Guide. Beginners Tips and Tricks.

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Hello. In this Clash Royale guide, Hacks University will be giving you valuable tips and tricks that all beginners should know. It’ll help you guys get a lot better, win more and go a long way in the game.

Clash Royale Guide

Clash Royale Guide, Tips & Tricks

So, let’s talk about how to win a battle. To win a battle, you must either destroy your opponent’s King’s Tower which will grant you a three Crown victory or destroy one more tower than your opponent within the given time of the battle (three minutes). But, if within this three minutes there’s a tie, then the game will go to extra-time (one more minute). And within this extra-time the first player to destroy any one of his opponent’s towers will be declared victorious. If the time ended and it’s still a tie, then it’s a Draw. A win will reward you with trophies. You’ll obtain the same amount of trophies whether you get a One, Two or Three crown victory. That’s why you need to understand when to pursue a King’s Tower attack or just destroying one or two of the arena towers.

1. When should I attack the King’s Tower?

Well, the King’s Tower HP is much greater than your arena tower HP. In fact, the HP of the King’s Tower is over 60% greater than one arena tower. So, it’s usually much safer to consider winning the battle by attacking the arena towers. And by playing defense to prevent your opponent from destroying two of your arena towers.
The king is in Sleep Mode when the battle begins. Which means he’ll not assist you on defense until he’s awake. In order for a king to wake up, one of the following must happen: One of the arena towers towers must be destroyed. Or the King’s Tower have been attacked. So, this is very important, you should avoid attacking the King’s Tower if you’ve not destroyed an arena tower already. As this will awaken your opponent’s king and he’ll start firing at you with his canon.

Now, after you’ve destroyed an arena tower, you must decide whether you should attack the second tower or go for the King’s Tower. Most of the time, it’s better to destroy the remaining arena tower as it has significantly less HP than the King’s Tower and it’s also closer in distance. Usually, the only time you should pursue attacking the King’s Tower is if the King’s Tower is at a low HP or if your opponent is in the lead by destroying two of your arena towers and you’re low on time, you need to make that decision to go for the King’s Tower.

2. Use the Elixir Efficiently

Now the secret to win every battle is to efficiently use your Elixir. Every card has an Elixir cost value. To be in an advantage, your goal is to win situations by using card or a combination of cards with the lower Elixir cost than what’s played by your opponent. For example, if your opponent sends out a Knight (3 Elixir) and Archers (3 Elixir). That’s a total of 6 Elixir. If you use your Fireball, you can take out both of these troops at once. The Fireball is 4 Elixir only. You’ve spent 4 Elixir card to take out a 6 Elixir combo. You’re in 2 Elixir lead. The greater you’re in the Elixir race the greater chance of wining.

Now very important is that you should not waste your Elixir. Your Elixir bar is always loading more Elixir every second, But it’ll cap out when it reaches 10. Always keep your bar loading. Don’t hit 10.

Do not recklessly throw a bunch of cards all at once. This will make it easier for your opponent to counter your combo by fewer Elixir cards. Take our Fireball example earlier.

3. Let it Fill First

When starting a battle, you should first allow your Elixir bar to fill, you should not recklessly deploy your cards without first loading up on Elixir. As this will only give your opponent an advantage. For example, say you’ve deployed your Prince card when the battle just started, and you have 6 Elixir, then your opponent can simply place a Tombstone which cost a 2 less Elixir, and can quickly counter your Prince and be in a 2 Elixir lead. Another example is playing defense right away, this is a bad idea as your opponent can wait a few seconds to load up his Elixir, plan a good counter and weaken you.

Usually, you’ll opponents who’ll also wait to deploy until they have full Elixir bar. In this case, you have two options.
Option 1 is to deploy first. If you reach 10 Elixir and deploy your cards first, you’ll be in Elixir lead every moment your opponent is still at 10.
Option 2 is to deploy your cards after your opponent has. If you reach 10 Elixir and decide to wait to deploy your cards after your opponent to better counter, then that will give your opponent a 1 Elixir lead. Usually, it’s best to deploy your first card at the moment or right before you have a full Elixir bar.

4. You should always start your battle with a low tempo.

This is a key to wining. When you start your battle, it’s always better to start with a low Elixir cost card. Say you have a Prince and Archers card. It’s better to deploy the Archers first due to their low Elixir cost.This is very important, because starting with a high Elixir cost card is often dangerous. If your opponent simply places a Tombstone card, then you’re quickly losing the Elixir race.

I hope you’ve found this Clash Royale guide very useful. Especially for beginners and newcomers to the game. Some advanced players will find this guide the definition of “Obvious”, but it not the case with beginners. I hope you find this Clash Royale guide different than what’s available on the internet. Don’t use Clash Royale Hack tools and stuff.

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