Clash Royale Guide: How to build a Winning Deck. 11 Tips Inside.

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Hey guys. What’s going on? We’re Hacks University and we’re coming at you today for some Clash Royale Guide. We’re going to talk about one of the most important things in the entire game, and that is building a balanced and winning deck. On top of that we’re going to discuss a few specific decks we recommend. This is going to be a long ride.


Clash Royale Guide: Build a Winning  Deck.

While this Clash Royale Guide is going to care more towards players who are beginners in arenas one through six. It will still hold some valuable tips that we’re sure will help everyone. Even if you’re of an intermediate or advanced skill level.

So let’s get right into it. Make sure you guys read this article till the end. Because we are going to share 11 tips to take your game to the next level. You might wanna check our Clash Royale Hack tool (Available for puclic use for a limited time only).


“Win Condition” Card.

To start to build a great deck you need a win condition card. A Hog Rider is a great example of a win condition card. A goblin barrel is another one. You can also use the Giant. A Prince for example and you could even use a P.E.K.K.A or even a Balloon. A win condition card is basically a card that’s going to be the main source of your offensive damage. This is going to be the card that’s going to win you the games as the name implies. What you want to do after you have 1 or 2 win condition cards in your deck, you want to build a complimentary cast of cards surrounding it. Both supporting it and also helping to defend. So that’s going to be the two class types of cards that we’re going to build around that win condition card.

Some Win Condition Cards Examples:

Real quick before we get into some card examples. Let’s talk about the difference between a support card and a defensive card. A support cards can certainly play both roles as supporting your win condition. Also defending. But when building a deck after I picked out my win condition card. So in this deck it would be the Hog Rider (See Picture). I like to then select one or two cards that I’m going to combo with the Hog Rider. To support it and take down whatever defending troops counters my opponent throws at me. So in this deck, my supporting cards are the Fire Spirits which We’re going to drop at the river at the bridge with the Hog Rider. And also the Fireball. We’ll get to the fireball in just a moment. Some other support cards are also cycle cards; those cheap cards (skeletons, goblins, minions can be a good support card in early arenas).

Clash Royale Guide


Anyway, let’s deal with the deck that we have here (See picture). I want to talk a little bit about combos here before we move on to the defensive cards. When you’re building a deck, the first thing you should think about is what type of combo are you going to use as your main offensive weapon. I have a three card combo in this deck my “Hog Rider“, “Fire Spirits” and my “Fireball”. Why the fireball? Well the first thing you want to do, no matter what deck you’re building. Is think to yourself what is gonna be the most common and best counter from my win condition. In this deck it might be a cannon or a tombstone along with, say, Archers or a Mega Minion or something like that. In this second deck here, my win condition is going to be my giant or my Balloon and my combo is going to be the Giant or my balloon with arrows.

Clash Royale Guide



Why the arrows on the second deck. And why the Fireball on the first deck? It’s pretty simple; it brings me back to my point about counters. Think of what your opponent is going to counter your win condition with. In this deck the balloon most likely will be countered by Minions or Minion Horde. That’s why we’re using the arrows. Back to the first deck we’re using the fireball because most likely my Hog Rider is going to be countered by a cannon, a tombstone or barbarians. That way we can use that Fireball preemptively once we learn what our opponent is going to counter our winning combination with. And trust us, there’s no better feeling in this game than playing a prediction Fireball or Arrows to preemptively counter whatever your opponent is going to throw at you to stop your push.

Tweaking Decks.

You can use the Zap Spell in this deck as well. Don’t be afraid to have more than one spell in your deck. Spells are a beautiful, really strong part of this game. Every deck should have at least one direct damage spell. Want more spell tips?

Stay tuned to the end of this Clash Royale Guide because there is a spell tip in our list of top 11 tips.

Another variation of this deck could be adding speed to the opposite lane. Once you have a deck that you’re comfortable with, don’t be afraid to tweak and play around a little bit. And see if you have better luck substituting one card with another one of similar class.

Defensive Cards.

Now that we have our win condition all set, what are we going to use for defensive cards? Now some cards like we said can play both roles such as Skeleton Army and Fire Spirits. You want to have one (at least one) maybe two Splash or Swarm card. Splash or area effect damage such as the Valkyrie do a great job at taking down multiple low hit point units that are coming at you. Swarm cards such as the Barbarians or the Mega Minions do a great job at stopping those high hit point tanks coming at you. Having one of those two cards in your deck is very very important on defense. Those are examples of the defensive cards that we’re going to use to fill out your deck.

A lot of these cards are interchangeable. You want to make sure that you have cards that target both air and ground. So make sure when balancing out your deck you do factor that in. You need cards that are going to be able to stop anything your opponent could possibly throw at you.

Defensive Building:

The last, but not least, important card that we’re going to have in our decks is going to be a defensive structure or building. We have the tombstone in the first deck. The Inferno tower in the second deck. The furnace in the third deck. When choosing your complimentary defensive card or your Hut or Spawner unit, you want to keep in mind what your deck is trying to do. In the first deck, Tombstones a great, cheap, defensive card that keeps my cycle going. And the third deck, my Furnace here will spawn Fire Spirits. This is really a bait deck. I’m trying to bait out my opponent’s arrows or fireball and then hit them hard with my win condition. Which is my Goblin Barrel.



Other Tips on Building a Balanced Deck:

Before we move on to the tips portion of today’s video, I should mention a couple quick other things about building a balanced deck.

  1. I like to include at least one point damage card. In this deck it would be the Archers in the Musketeer. Basically it’s an air or ground targeting range card. Usually, that doesn’t do splash damage. But it does tend to do a lot of extra damage, because it doesn’t do the splash damage, thus the point damage. These are very versatile cards both on defense and offense. They’re one of the best cards for stopping your opponent’s push defensively. And then putting a tank down and they end up being your main offense behind your tank after they stop your opponent in the same lane.
  2. The last thing I want to talk about when building a balanced deck is the elixir cost. I’m a firm believer of the Goldilocks zone for Elixir or average Elixir cost for a deck. I like to have a deck anywhere between 2.9 and 3.9 elixir cost. Anything lower than 2.9, especially for beginners, can be hard to match, because you’re playing a lot of cards really really quickly. Anything above 3.9, it gets a little bit expensive and it’s difficult at times to keep up with your opponent’s rotation.


Rotation & Cycling?

By the way, what is an opponent’s rotation and what is a cycle? Real quick; a recycle is usually used as a verb “cycling”. A rotation is commonly used as a noun, meaning what’s in my opponent’s rotation right now. Or where is the fireball in my opponent’s rotation rather than my opponent is trying to cycle to the fireball. Cycling basically means, usually, playing low elixir cost troops or cards to try to cycle back to your win condition. Basically you’re trying to move to your win condition as quickly as possible when you cycle. A rotation is basically when you want to try to learn what your opponent is doing. You can guess what card might be played next or at the very least what cards are currently in your opponent’s hand. You do that by counting how many cards they’ve played since they previously played that card.




Tips for Building a Winning Deck:


1. Your Best Defensive Weapon Is Your Tower.

The big secret to Clash Royale is: your best defensive weapon is your towers. Try to play on your side of the arena as much as possible. Especially when starting out the match. Defend and then push. Patience wins matches.

2. Don’t Start Expensive.

I never like to start up my match with my win condition combo. Or with an expensive elixir card. This just leaves you too vulnerable to a strong push in the other lane as your opponent will have a big elixir advantage.

3. Spend Your Gold Wisely.

Don’t level up all your cards. Pick your favorite win condition. Support in defensive cards. And then level them up first. You can always pick up new favorite cards in the future, but gold is a very scarce and valuable resource. You don’t want to spend it needlessly on every card in the game if you don’t have to.

4. Don’t Make The First Move.

Let your opponent make the first move in a match. Or the very least, make sure you wait until you’re at ten elixir before you play your first card. Being reactionary is the best way to start a match.

5. Push The Opposite Lane.

When your opponent is prepping to make a big push in one lane, say they drop a giant or a golem behind their King Tower. Always throw something in the opposite lane and make them commit some of their elixir to defending over there.

6. Place Tank In Back During 1st Two Minutes.

When starting a slow push, always place your tank behind your King Tower. Never build a push from the river. Always build it from the King Tower and then stack behind.

7. Know Your Enemy.

Understand what your opponent is trying to do early on in the match. Too many times we concentrate on our own decks and our own strategy and we don’t even realize what the opponent is trying to do. clash Royale is like a chess match; you have to know and understand your opponent in order to consistently win.

8. Play Cards Regardless of Their Rarity.

Don’t worry about card rarity. Commons can be just as powerful and useful as some Epics. Don’t build your deck around just cards that are just super rare.

9. TV Royale Should Not Be Your Only Deck Source.

You can watch TV Royale. Get some good deck ideas but beware. Guides, especially in early arenas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good players or that they have good decks if they’re on TV royale. TV Royale is a great tool, but don’t rely on it too heavily. There’s a bunch of good websites out there such as that actually takes approval process to submit a deck. It’s not like anybody can just throw up random decks out there. Find a deck that one of your clan mates is using or maybe a youtuber who you look up to. Or that you trust for good strategy & advice. Basically, find a deck and tweak it to your own liking.

10. Be Agressive With Your Spells.

This is an important one about spells. Don’t be afraid to actually use them. I tend to see people being a little bit too passive on their spells. If you have a Fireball and your opponent plays a Mega Minion right behind their tower. And you’re already sitting at full elixir. By all means use your fireball to damage the Mega Minion and damage the Tower. Get value out of your spells. They’re one of the most powerful types of cards in the entire game.

11. Giant Chests Are Where It’s At.

Buy giant chests. Especially early on. That are best value in terms of quickly leveling up your Commons and rares. Which are really the backbone of any good deck.


All right guys. That’s going to do it for today’s Clash Royale Guide. We hope you enjoyed this and We hope you learned a thing or two whether you’re just picking up the game or you’ve been playing for months. We hope there was a little nugget in there for you guys too. And just want to thank you all for continuing to read and support our website.


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